Trying out the new camera

So earlier in the year when I decided to become a photographer I only had a point and shoot camera. My husband had let me know we didn’t have the budget to buy a DSLR, but we went and looked at the cameras at best buy here in Little Rock anyway. I was SO excited, we went to the camera section I picked up a camera and…  I didn’t know what to do with it! I “had read” about shutter speed and aperture and ISO, but I had never played with an actual DSLR before.

We went home and I decided I needed to know! So, I picked a camera I may be able to buy in the future, such as a canon rebel, and I started reading the manual online. Yes, you read that right, I READ the manual before I even had a camera! The good news about this, (besides learning how to use a camera) is that my husband saw how excited I was and decided to buy me a camera! It was a used rebel t2i, which I am currently using and I love it!

So we went out for our first session, it was with my husband and baby at Burns Park in North Little Rock, here is a picture of that session:

My husband doesn’t really like to have his picture taken, so here is a picture of Lily and my husbands thumb 🙂

Not great, but not too bad. It is a great captured memory of my little one laughing with her daddy!


Embarking on a journey!

So, a few months ago (7 to be exact) I had the blessing of giving birth to the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen!! Of course I have to say this, since she is MY princess!

Anyway, a couple weeks after she was born I started looking at ideas for newborn pictures, since our budget does not even come close to the price of paying for a pro. I got some inspiration and took some pictures of my baby girl… they turned out to be not the same, not even close to those gorgeous pictures I had seen online  BUT while I looked for inspiration I ran into Lydia of Oh So Posh photography. Lydia’s story is amazing, she battled cancer and while doing so decided to become a photographer, she taught herself everything she nows and right now she is getting close to hitting the 50,000 fans mark on facebook! Why am I telling you this? She inspired me, in one of her daily inspirational quotes she said: ” no matter where you are in your life, don’t get discouraged that somebody is so much further than you!! They started where you are so now it’s your turn to start!!!” I knew that I wanted to be a photographer and I always felt shy because “there are so many great photographers out there and I don’t even come close” Lydia made me realize that is not important at all!!!!!!! They all started somewhere and if I wanted to do it I had to start!!!!! I will have to be humble about my work and work really hard to learn but I had to do it! So here I am, blogging about it!

I decided to blog my journey to becoming a photographer! I think it will be amazing to see the improvement over time!

Oh and BTW this is me, my husband and baby in Guanajuato, Mexico this summer!